Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great Article by Matthew Scully

I am still looking for a home for my essay, "I want to be a Playboy Bunny," but unbeknownst to me until I read the back pages of my latest issue of First Things, Matthew Scully had written a wonderful piece--in a serious vein--for the Wall Street Journal in March. Read "The Playboy Legacy" here:

Hugh Hefner is nothing more than a pimp and it truly is a sad commentary on our culture that we treat him with respectability.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

entertainment in Atlanta

Let’s see: how should I spend my money? Tomorrow night for $35 to $55 I can listen to Bill Maher for one hour at the Fox Theatre (sic) as he continues his comedy routine of logical fallacies, a big hit among those balding, ponytail-ed intellectuals who skipped philosophy class for teach-ins.

Mr. Maher does not put me into the category of “free thinkers” who would come and see him, according to an interview in today’s Journal-Constitution. Those who are not free thinkers, who make this state politically red, according to Mr. Maher, are “uneducated farmers swilling beer, scratching themselves while watching NASCAR.”

Hmm. I do like a good beer now and then and grow figs in my backyard. I’ve never seen the appeal of NASCAR, though. I get enough driving excitement going through Spaghetti Junction.

Well, the professor in me feels like rapping Mr. Maher’s knuckles again for his error in logic, as I did when he claimed that terrorists were courageous
(not that this celebrity ever noticed).

But for my money, I’d rather dance! And tonight, at Mulligan’s for $14 I can get three hours of Keith Frank!!!

Take a listen.

And tomorrow, while Mr. Maher bilks the self-satisfied denizens of all the trendy intown neighborhoods who can plunk down all this money for tickets, parking, and dinner, I plan on being at contra dance.

Advance notice for all you out-of-towners: make plans to attend our November dance weekend. We had a preview of one of the bands, House Red, a couple weeks ago and they are hot!

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