Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great Article by Matthew Scully

I am still looking for a home for my essay, "I want to be a Playboy Bunny," but unbeknownst to me until I read the back pages of my latest issue of First Things, Matthew Scully had written a wonderful piece--in a serious vein--for the Wall Street Journal in March. Read "The Playboy Legacy" here:

Hugh Hefner is nothing more than a pimp and it truly is a sad commentary on our culture that we treat him with respectability.

Hi Mary,

Good to see you posting. Heffner gets respect because of the success he made, on his own. The problem of course is that mixed in with that "American Dream" is that the guy is basically a smut peddler.

Sort of like the old mystique of the Mafia. Guys would come up from nothing, and achieve mind boggling success. Sounds good when you don't look to closely at the trail of murder and broken human beings that followed this rise.

Interesting tho, how the Left loves Heffner, as he made giltzy materialism moooooooooost chic, but then again, that only emphasizes their hypocracy.

Surprised you haven't found a home for you story....I loved it!

Thanks, Paul.

Yes, it is like the mystique of the Mafia--another Great Gatsby story, glitter on top of depravity.

Funny, I was about to place an order on Amazon last night when up on their page popped one of their featured videos: Bill Maher interviewing the three giggling Bunny-ettes. They also showed footage from "The Girl Next Door": the three of them scantily clad going down some kind of slide. What a freak show!

And you're right, Paul: what's a good ACLU card-carrying leftist to say? It's their "choice" to be supported by an 80-year-old pimp.
I had not read the Chesterton quote, "the lowest of vices and 'strangest secret of hell,' as G.K. Chesterton called it, is the desire to pervert others, to coax and corrupt them and drag them down with you.'" but that says it all. The desire to drag someone down to your low level has to be one of the worst impulses humans can have. (In fact, it doesn't make you feel good it just stops you from feeling quite so bad when someone else falls beside you.)
You're so right, Jim. And that is exactly what Satan tried to do to Adam and Eve in Paradise Lost; he was so miserable, the only solace left to him was to bring others down. So can we say that Hugh Hefner is Satanic? Imagine all those enlightened liberals snickering to themselves: "just listen to these conservatives on this blog. Now one of them mentions Satan! I don't know why she is even allowed to teach in a university. Imagine! Satan! Come on, honey, it's time to go to our Unitarian Universalist Unanimous Ceremony honoring the union of Mother Earth and Father Spirit. Don't forget the raw food goodies for our sacrficial offering."
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