Thursday, July 06, 2006

entertainment in Atlanta

Let’s see: how should I spend my money? Tomorrow night for $35 to $55 I can listen to Bill Maher for one hour at the Fox Theatre (sic) as he continues his comedy routine of logical fallacies, a big hit among those balding, ponytail-ed intellectuals who skipped philosophy class for teach-ins.

Mr. Maher does not put me into the category of “free thinkers” who would come and see him, according to an interview in today’s Journal-Constitution. Those who are not free thinkers, who make this state politically red, according to Mr. Maher, are “uneducated farmers swilling beer, scratching themselves while watching NASCAR.”

Hmm. I do like a good beer now and then and grow figs in my backyard. I’ve never seen the appeal of NASCAR, though. I get enough driving excitement going through Spaghetti Junction.

Well, the professor in me feels like rapping Mr. Maher’s knuckles again for his error in logic, as I did when he claimed that terrorists were courageous
(not that this celebrity ever noticed).

But for my money, I’d rather dance! And tonight, at Mulligan’s for $14 I can get three hours of Keith Frank!!!

Take a listen.

And tomorrow, while Mr. Maher bilks the self-satisfied denizens of all the trendy intown neighborhoods who can plunk down all this money for tickets, parking, and dinner, I plan on being at contra dance.

Advance notice for all you out-of-towners: make plans to attend our November dance weekend. We had a preview of one of the bands, House Red, a couple weeks ago and they are hot!

You've got the right of it....besides, Maher attracts tooooooo many men in dresses

As a political/cultural spectator, I'm sorry you won't be wasting your time and money on Bill Maher tickets because I'd enjoy reading your wry remarks about his, um, humor. Promise me you'll find someone else to pick can't be that hard!
Jim Clark
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