Saturday, September 23, 2006

A picture is worth a thousand words

The reading lists for graduate students in English departments and for Chavez are the same. How many syllabi have I seen with Noam Chomsky as required reading!

This was a great post!...hee..hee
And hits the admin folks truthfully where it hurts!

Yeah, I should do a search for the number of times Chomsky is cited in academic papers and dissertations of English professors.
Care to comment on what Charley Reese has to say regarding Chavez?

What's your gripe with Chomsky, anyway? Are his ideas not worth considering?
Mary, it has been too long since I corrresponded - and now you moved into the Townhall fellowship. I lived in Georgia after retiring from the US Army in 1994 and then relocated to Door Peninsula in Wisconsin in 2004 to marry the love-of-my-life.
I wish you were my professor when taking creative writing courses at University of Maryland, although Professor Frank was enlightening (also a poet)and I have a signed copy of his poetry book, "Letters of Transcript", and who was a mentor as well as a friend and inspired me to write a piece of poetry upon his reassignment back to the United States.
Anyway, you are right on the money when it comes to bias in the faculty membership of America's "higher" learning institutions. You are a refreshing bouy in a sea of misinformation. Thanks for your contributions and I will provide proper links at my site so my readers can enjoy your wisdom and wit.
Keith Lehman
Editor/Publisher of Lighthouse Patriot Journal
I can understand "anonymous" being anonymous - who in their right mind cannot see Chavez for what he is? A younger Castro.
Good grief
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