Friday, August 04, 2006

my article in today's paper

Here is my latest publication

You were granted a doctorate? My, there are problems with the collegiate environment. Of course it isn't a real doctorate in medicine or engineering or physics or a topic that matters.

Cruel and unfair, isn't it. It is very easy to stand at a distance, with the details obscured, and take cheap shots at other people's academic work.

Substantive work is done across the political, cultural and topical spectrum, not just in topics deemed wholesome and acceptable by you.
Mary: Your letter concerning Dr. Craige's well written and conceived column was shallow and dishonest. You commit all the sins of which you accuse her, and at the same time you haven't read her article with any care--you don't even get the point. You ignore the fact that the vast majority of approaches that University faculty take to their subject cover a wide range and that the kinds of topics you cite (anecdotally and with extreme selectivity) are widely regarded by most everyone as ridiculous and on the margins. Most humanistic faculty are responsible in their teaching and research. Is the problem that you cannot find a decent job and that rather than blaming your own shortcomings you want to blame those nasty radical humanists who have supposedly overrun university campuses?
Here come the ad hominem attacks. Thanks for the ideas, guys! And thank you, "anonymous," for your courage in speaking out.

Sensitive, Left Wing, and as far into the Ozones as possible, and that is what passes for scholarship.

But if anyone DARES criticize said lefty, don't bother with debate on the individual points, but instead give general criticisms based upon "feelings", accusations, and bigotry.

No wonder Academia is going to hell in a hand bag.

Excellent article Mary.

Mary - You hit the nail on the head and the people complaining about it are doing exactly what LIVBERALS BIASED "individuals" always do - they do not want to hear the truth about how left wing biased the media, etc is.

Keep on spreading the word!!
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