Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jim Wooten allowed to publish (thank God)

Jim Wooten's column on the current "conflict" between Israel and Hezbollah is the most trenchant analysis I've seen. Read it here http://www.ajc.com/opinion/content/shared-blogs/ajc/thinkingright/entries/2006/08/01/complacency_wont_subdue_ruthle.html

While most of the media screams that Israel attacks innocent civilians, Wooten reveals the tactics of Hezbollah and similar terroristic groups, and how the Left aids and abets them.

I am so grateful that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution prints an occasional column by a conservative. But it's a little like academia: the few conservatives who have tenure (but are close to retirement) are permitted to voice their opinions. The liberals who are in power point to the token conservatives to show that they are not 'biased.'

But keep telling it like it is, Mr. Wooten!

hi mary....

"trenchant"...hmmmm, and i thought that i would only need a dictionairy by my side when i read buckley....oh well, i WAS schooled in detroit, after all.

Excellent post. A7 is also reporting of the mounting evidence that the Kana "massacre" was staged. Town Hall also has a video of HAMAS using amublances, and then firing on the real ones......


ps...maybe if you re-wrote you piece, a bit, and called it, I want to be a Hizbollah Playboy Bunny......well, never mind...hee..hee
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