Monday, May 08, 2006

My Latest

This is my latest publication on Tech Central Station. Put this web magazine into your favorites file. Great writing, especially by Lee Harris.

Probably the best article I have ever read on the stark contrast between Eastern Europe's perception of the US befor and after the Soviet collapse.

The problem is, IMHO, that not only have they managed to spoil a good many of their kids, as we have, but the deeper problem is rooted within our own govt.

Before you lambast me, take a look at one of the info-mercials that the State Dept shows in these places sometime. This was to be the program to make everyone love us instead of hate us. What they get is a pic of the US in which we are all members of the Brady Bunch. What they get is fairy tale garbage that a 3 year old would find intellectually offensive.

This means that the Left, in these countries is unchallenged in presenting their lies and propaganda.

We must meet the real issues that are important to these people. We must meet the Left's lies with the truth. Engage in down and dirty, hard hitting, fighting, factual debate. Expose the Left for what it was and is, and tell forcefully, WHY we engage in our policies and the REAL picture of how we deal with our own challenges internally. Or the world will continue to believe the UN portrayal of what America is and what she stands for.

Not only honor, but the defense of our Republic demands nothing less.

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