Monday, April 03, 2006

Thank you, letter writers

Thank you, letter writers to my column in ("Slovenians take to the streets of Cleveland"). I was able to reply to almost all of the letter writers to my previous columns, but the number for this one may preclude personal replies to all. But I DO read all letters and get immense satisfaction from them. I save them. Some have good ideas for future articles and some give some very valuable information from all walks of life. And so full of support. So please keep sending the letters through the e-mail link or post comments. I may not reply right away, but I'll save the letters and maybe reply later.

Also, glad to know there are Slovenian readers out there. And conservative professors and high school teachers. I am inspired by all those working in the trenches and who have stuck to their principles.

Today, I taught "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Connor. I always seem to get something more from her stories each time I read them or teach them. It was good because I am preparing my paper for the American Literature Association conference in San Francisco in May. Then, on the way home, I heard Alan Cheuse on NPR review Joyce Carol Oates's recent collection of short stories. Oates, to him, is "taking up the legacy of Flannery O'Connor." How dare he! Oates was also compared to D.H. Lawrence; she is "Lawrentian." Eww! And one of Oates's stories takes up the "problem of redemptive violence." (Is he thinking of O'Connor here? Well, it's not the violence that's "redemptive," buddy.) What!!!!

How did this guy get a monopoly on doing book reviews on a station that is supported with tax money?

No wonder English professors have such a bad reputation. And whoever reads Cheuse's books?

Things are a-blooming here in Georgia. The car and deck are covered with a fine chartreuse powder. I saw a fox in my backyard yesterday. I will do my part to keep my .6 acres as close to natural as God made it.

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