Monday, April 24, 2006

Cynthia and Catholics

I had two essays published last week. Here is the one on Cynthia McKinney from Townhall

Thank you again, everyone, for your letters and telephone calls. Some readers told me they would be distributing my column to friends and to e-mail lists. They got me through a week of student conferences (why do 95% of students not take advantage of the fact that I review their final paper drafts and hand in unfinished and unreadable garbage?). I am sorry that I was able to respond to only a few of your letters. Please keep writing. I love all that encouragement. I really, really do.

On a personal note, I'm gearing up for the end of the semester. But my respite won't be long because I'm scheduled to teach two World Lit classes in June (the super intensive four-week session). Also have to get cracking on the Flannery O'Connor paper for the ALA conference in San Francisco.

Meanwhile down at the fig farm (someday I'll post a picture of my humungous fig tree), the birds are chirping in from the treetops into which I look as I type this. My house is built into the side of a hill, so we look right into the treetops from the screened-in deck. A lovely place to write. I have been writing a lot, faster than I can get them published, can't stop myself. The housework has been pushed aside, but I hope to get some help next week from someone from the dance community who needs work. What I really need is a Mommy! Someone to clean, do the grocery shopping. I invited my friend Jude for dinner on Saturday and she brought the fixings for burritos and prepared them for me and my housemate. (I love to invite her over for dinner!) I made the margarittas and desserts. I finally got to my yoga class on Saturday afternoon, skipping the dance in Sautee to do it. (If I didn't get some real exercise soon--last weekend lost to doing taxes--I was going to punch someone.) Hot yoga (Bikram) is great exercise and the instructor we had on Saturday spared us the little chants and "thoughts for the day" that some of them indulge us with. (There's a column there.) What I need is someone to tell me to move, use my muscles, and stretch my body for 90 minutes. I can't do it by myself. It clears my head too.

Here is my latest from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on the Catholic Church's support of illegals. My original manuscript was cut for space.

Four letters to the editor were published, two over each of the next two days.

Watch for a posting from one of my fellow Slovenian readers on the Domobranci.

Yoga motivation plan.....

Get a pic of Ted Kennedy in a swim suit. Paste a pic of your face over his. Inscribe a caption that says...I will do my Yoga, or I shall look like this by the end of the day....

Problem solved!

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