Saturday, February 25, 2006

From what I know it seems that Bush has been backed into a diplomatic corner as a result of the original ports contract signed in 1999 during the Clinton administration. I do not think the ports contract should have gone through, but I could understand the quandry the administration would be in: alienate an imperfect ally by summarily denying the contract (and invite charges of xenophobia, probably from the Left) or go ahead with it. My suggestion: change the policy to allow only American companies to operate ports. This will then not seem to be a slap at one particular country. And do even more rigorous screening of employees for loyalty to their own country. This will probably invite charges of McCarthyism, but as we have seen by exposes of "intellectuals'" responses to 9/11, patriotism, even among Americans, cannot be assumed. Neoconservativism holds the danger that it attracts those who are motivated more by greed than traditional conservative values. The free market works, but not when you're dealing with those who have radically different values.

A scarey sight yesterday in the parking lot of Big Lots in Decatur: "Hillary 2008."

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